Coconut Oil Moisturising Soap 4x100g

Naturally nourishing and enriched with coconut oil, this moisturising soap will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and perfectly hydrated. Suitable for sensitive skin.

NZ Organic Honey Soap 4x100g

Our New Zealand Organic Honey Soap contains all the benefits of nature’s own honey. Gentle on your skin, it will cleanse, nourish, and benefit the texture and tone of your skin. Our honey soap is made to our own Henrietta recipe and includes natural ingredients.

NZ Seaweed Enriched Soap 4x100g

NZ Seaweed Enriched Soap is made to our Henrietta recipe which includes only those natural ingredients including New Zealand Giant Kelp that will enrich and nourish your skin.  Regular use of NZ Seaweed Enriched Soap will improve the texture of your skin.

NZ Goats’ Milk Soap 4x100g

Goats’ Milk Natural Soap is made to a secret Henrietta recipe which includes only those natural ingredients that will cleanse and protect your skin. By adding Goats’ Milk to our soap, we lower its pH level which helps to maintain the moisture balance of your skin. We recommend this soap for those with sensitive skin and young children due to its kind, gentle formula.

Hand & Body Exfoliation Bar 4x100g

Our natural hand and body exfoliation bar is enriched with oils and suitable for sensitive skin. Regular use will aid in the removal of dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and clean

Pure Vegetable Oil Soap 4x100g

Colour Free and Perfume Free for those who suffer from allergies. This luxurious soap full of natural ingredients will make your sensitive skin feel soft and supple.