Cracked hands and heels

Dry Cracked Hands and Feet?

A moisturising skin care product that treats and prevents dry and cracked skin and is particularly effective when used on the hands, heels and feet. It has been specifically formulated to restore moisture to the skin and prevent further moisture loss.

Crack Free Hands and Heels - 65g


The product is unique in that it is prepared using a high level of glycerine, a key element that improves skin function by locking in moisture as its main effect. Use it to help treat dry and cracked skin on any part of the body, not just your hands or heels!  Using this product as a preventative for those prone to dry and cracked skin is also recommended.

Other ways to use Crack Free Hands and Heels

Rub a liberal amount thoroughly into the affected area and, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth to remove tackiness.

Warning: Do not apply to open wounds or use internally. If irritation occurs, consult a physician.