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What people are saying

Love the Dog Soap! Easy to apply, does not foam too much and washes off easily.
My dog smells great afterwards too!
My Jack Russell had itchy skin with cheap or expensive dog shampoos, but good as gold now.
Highly recommend.

Dave James, Dunedin

Sue here, who, placed the order, from the UK! I bought some of this product when we were in NZ Last year! I found it to be the best thing for my cracked fingertips. Helen  is a friend from the UK, living in NZ now. I have a local friend visiting in NZ now and she will be bringing it back for me.

Thank you for your prompt response! Two pots should keep me going for a while! Best wishes

Sue, England

Thank you for your quick response. I can see you understand how some of us need our favorite things like your Pure soap and get a little distressed if we think we may have to look for an alternative. I am glad that Huckleberry still stocks it. Anyway, I will also watch out for the 4 pack on your website as I would love a few packs of them. Thanks again

Felicity, Auckland

The Pumice Soap and the Jasmine Oatmeal soap which we order from Henrietta soaps are probably the best our guys have used. As they are working in a Foundry which gets pretty grubby, the guys are usually covered in sand, soot and every other dirt you can think of. With the pumice it gets all of the dirt out of their pores and the Jasmine soap makes them nice and clean after their showers.

Justine, Precision Foundry